How we work

Our client service

Our client service

How we work

Meeting the need of the customer and provisioning him custom-made solutions for a quality product is the added value offered by Colella. The expertise and the experience gained over the last 40 years providing professional equipment becomes a value added that the team Colella translates into:

Professional manufacturing equipment selection

oThe kitchen equipment selected and tested by Colella is a professional product. This category of production assures the customer a longed durability of the equipment and the guarantee to find compatible spare parts in the years following the purchase

Pre sale quality control

oColella verifies the proper functioning of every device before the sale. Colella also provides, in case of foreign orders, the installation of a suitable plug for an immediate use in the destination country

Personal home delivery

oFree Shipping in Italy by purchasing an electric slicer for domestic use

After-sale customer service

oColella provides after-sale customer service for electric food slicers, vacuum packaging machines, Kitchen Aid professional mixers, Victoria Arduino coffee makers

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